Next week at 7pm UK time on Wednesday 3rd June I’ll be presenting a free webinar for WizIQ to discuss the findings of The Tutor Pages recent report into online tuition. It’ll cover such questions as:

  • Who is tutoring online, and which subjects are popular?
  • How do online tutors find new clients?
  • How does income from tutoring online compare with that from face-to-face tuition?
  • How reliable are online clients compared to face-to-face clients?
  • What kind of technology are tutors using online – what kinds of equipment, video services, whiteboards and virtual classroom technology are popular?
  • How do students/ parents pay for online lessons?
  • What do tutors believe the benefits of online tuition are, and is there disagreement over this?
  • Finally, what are the barriers to successful online tuition?

If this interests you, do join me on WizIQ. The webinar details are below: