How to start a tutoring business on a budget

The Tutor Pages was recently asked to contribute to a new e-book about how to start a tutoring business on a budget. The guide is published by Premier BusinessCare.

The guide covers diverse areas such as qualifications, premises, equipment, marketing and insurance.

In particular, Henry Fagg, the founder of The Tutor Pages, was asked to explain how tuition agencies operate as follows:

“Agencies differ quite widely in their approach. Some can be very supportive and will offer teacher training, professional development and social events. There is also a certain kudos to working with some of the more prestigious agencies, so it can be good for the CV. Other agencies (particularly online ones) are very ‘hands off’: they will introduce new students to a tutor but do very little else. It is important to note that, by law, a tuition agency is only allowed to charge the client and not the tutor”

In contrast to the agency model, The Tutor Pages is a directory of private tutors where parents and students can contact tutors free of charge. To find out more, visit