The Tutor Pages: endorsements from the Guardian/

The Tutor Pages has had a good week for endorsements.

First up, Anna Parkin in the Guardian described The Tutor Pages as her ‘first port of call’ when searching for a Russian teacher online. Her article forms part of a new Guardian series called The Case for language learning, supported by the British Academy. The latest article in the series is yesterday’s ‘Are musicians better language learners’, a story which has already had almost 3000 shares on Facebook. The article is written by Liisa Henriksson-Macaulay who is the author of The Music Miracle: The Scientific Secret to Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential.

That article is also a nice segue for mentioning my guest post on the this week, which gives advice to UK music teachers on the various kinds of organisations they might consider joining to help them in their careers. As a musician myself, I’ve long been a fan of Musicroom. com, and it’s great to see them also express their pleasure in being associated with The Tutor Pages.

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