Tuition Agencies: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good Schools Guide contains the only reliable and in-depth assessment of UK tuition agencies and companies, and I’m pleased to say The Tutor Pages has been reviewed favourably for several years.

Not so widely known, however, is the information and tutor listings website, which has been keeping an eye on the industry in the UK for the best part of ten years. Although its assessment is not in-depth, it does provide a useful snapshot, and has recently added a touch of humour to its reviews by dividing tuition companies into the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (and even the Dead!).

You can read their review of tuition companies here.

At the top of their list is, which deserves particular mention at this point because it has suddenly ceased to exist! It has been taken over by, and not without controversy if the TES forum is anything to go by (

Meanwhile, it’s been busy at The Tutor Pages, with September promising our largest number of unique visitors to the website ever. We’ve also recently updated our free Guide on how to become a tutor in the UK. Check out this acclaimed tutor e-book if you haven’t already: you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, the Good Website of the Year awards have come around again; do vote for us if you’ve found The Tutor Pages a helpful and interesting site to use!

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