Tutor Videos – A Ringing Endorsement

As I stated when we first collaborated with Nextshoot to create online videos for tutors, they create instant rapport with potential students and parents, and are the closest you can get to meeting a tutor in person.

The investment in a tutor video ad can really pay off, and we recommend that tutors consider making the investment. Here’s what one tutor, Janet House, emailed me last week. A real success story, I think you’ll agree:

Just thought you’d like to know that we have had a tremendous response from the addition of the video. Parents have said that they felt that they already knew me before they arrived!

The children have found it very reassuring to see me first, and all are keen to have a “Sticky Star!” as promised on the video! 🙂

I now have 22 very happy pupils and parents! Our nearest school has sent the SENCO up to see me – oh what joy! We are working together to help the children. Pete has picked up several more GCSE pupils as a knock on effect. I’ll be shutting down the B&B at this rate.

I feel privileged to be part of such a professional and honourable company.

Many thanks to you Henry.

Sincerely, Janet

You can view Janet’s video below:

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