Tutors: Become one of Jamie Oliver’s ‘Dream Teachers’!

Jamie Oliver’s Dream School series (which starts next week on Channel 4) brings together some of Britain’s most inspirational experts to encourage 20 teenagers to give education a second chance.

Linked up with the series is Britain’s Dream Teachers competition, a chance for teachers across Britain to win a prize for themselves and their school by uploading to Youtube an inspirational video they’ve made on GCSE or Standard Grade topics. Entrants must be qualified teachers or trainee teachers.

If you’re a tutor registered with The Tutor Pages, did you know you can link to Youtube videos you’ve created in the My Media section of your Profile? That means that entering this competition could be the perfect opportunity not only to share your knowledge with the world but also to enhance your Profile with the video you make!

The head of Jamie’s Dream School, John D’Abbro, has even created a video full of tips on how to create the ultimate teacher’s video:

So, why not get cracking!

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