“Teach Second” – an emerging lifestyle?

Ideas Tap is a fantastic resource to help young creative people at the start of their careers.

Not only does it offer funding and other opportunities for young people, it now has over 30,000 individuals networking via its website, and a magazine offering up-to-date insight into working in the creative industries.

Just recently, Maddie York wrote an article on the concept of “Teach Second” – the idea that tutoring in its many forms is emerging as a secondary income for those in the early stages of breaking into the creative professions.

She writes, ‘In my circle of friends and contacts, I have a couple of concert pianists who are earning money by teaching piano, an artist who gives workshops, an author and academic who teaches English, and a playwright who works in an inflatable planetarium presenting science shows to children’.

The article goes on to recommend The Tutor Pages as a good place to get advice on setting up as a private tutor.

You can read the rest of her article here – why not consider joining the Ideas Tap community while you’re there?

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