It’s Friday, and as a musical counterpart to last week’s post about The Little Algebra Book, I’m pleased to say that another tutor registered with us, Trixi Field, has recently created a new book for the recorder. Called Twenty Totally Tootable Tunes, it is (in Trixi’s words) ‘more of a repertoire book to supplement teaching books, and book 1 of the series is for kids that are able to play between one and 7 notes’.

You can check it out on Trixi’s Lulu page – perhaps a good stocking filler?

As an aside, I also recommend that tutors have a look at Trixi’s own page on The Tutor Pages: it’s a really great example of using our site’s features to the full. In fact, Trixi wrote to me to say that she ‘enjoyed putting all my extra bits and pieces on the site. It works very well and there are lots of different spaces to put various resources. Well done for a very user-friendly site’.

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